World Kidney Day

The first step towards change is Awareness. The second step is acceptance’

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Late Nikhilbhau Pratisthan in collaboration with Aarogyadeep Hospital organised a Kidney Awareness Rally this morning at Jalgoan.

My daughter Sharda Chaudhari, who is the president of Late Nikhilbhau Pratishthan spearheaded this initiative and organised the public awareness rally.

I had often heard the phrase, ‘Awareness without action is worthless.’ My kidney ailment is not news, however, creating awareness about kidney ailments is what I would like to throw light on.

This is exactly why Late Nikhilbhau Pratisthan in collaboration with Aarogyadeep Hospital, Jalgaon, organised a kidney awareness programme. The idea is to raise awareness on how to keep your kidney healthy and prevent kidney-related diseases. I am happy that Jalgoan locals gave us an overwhelming response.

It is important to be aware and alert of kidney diseases that affect people worldwide. With this rally we intended to encourage and educate people about early detection, preventable measures and cures of kidney damages. Sharda has been spearheading the initiative that focuses on creating awareness on acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. The rally made people aware of identifying and treating kidney diseases, infusing the risks of kidney ailments, thus helping build a healthy generation next. The most important part of this initiative was to inculcate the habit of healthy living among children too. Kidney diseases can affect children in many ways thus causes life-threatening conditions. With awareness come responsibility and choice.

You can achieve anything and everything in this world. All you need is the will power to do so.
Today’s hectic life style gives birth to various life-threatening diseases and kidney ailment is one of them.

Here is what you can do to avoid the same:
Drink lots of water, include fruits like grapes and blueberries and vegetables like spinach and beetroot in your diet. Iron-rich foods like green-leafy vegetables and eggs should be consumed. Exercise regularly and regular kidney function screening. These are medically supervised tips which are very easy to follow.
So, eat healthy, work hard and stay happy.


World Kidney Day