The very essence of a leader is that he has to envision.

Agriculture is the backbone of our nation and Shri Eknath Khadse has understood the need to uplift it. Since his childhood he has been closely associated with this sector and has lived by the principle of promoting it. Khadse’s vision is to see the agricultural sector flourish and prosper. His vision encompasses to help and empower farmers to lead a respectful and steady life. He understands the need of the hour and has been putting in extra efforts to ensure a sustainable environment.

His team is working towards solving the issue of drought and famine by bringing in effective and immediate solutions. Funding, which has been a major issue has been tapped on by introducing the open market borrowing method. He soon hopes to get rid of the loan issue completely.

He wants to work towards building an industry for agriculture. He believes the bigger the industry, the bigger the chance of employment and business opportunities. This in turn will boost the State’s economy.
Khadse believes it is important to provide a safe and secure environment for investors thus encouraging them to settle. Leakages with regards to taxes have to stop along with many other important decisions.

The department has also planned that by March 31, 2016, every village in Maharashtra will have e-mutation available. Use of digital processes like e-tendering, e-auction, sand mining approval and tracking system (SMAT) etc. has been planned to bring greater efficiency, transparency and control. Exercise Duty will be the key to transforming the situation and various related decisions and works are already in progress. People will see the transformation soon. Make in Maharashtra is the main focus to generate more revenues and more employment.


To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal. - APJ Abdul Kalam

Khadse aims to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of agriculture. He is constantly working towards experimenting and exploring new options to be introduced in this section. He and his team are closely working to achieve higher goals of perfection in every department.


To collect revenue efficiently and cost-effectively

To provide courteous and effective service to the taxpaying public

To promote compliance through rigorous enforcement of law, education and publicity programmes

To enable staff to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude so that they can contribute their best to the achievement of our vision