Power of Speech

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Power of Speech

Shri Eknathrao Khadse (MLA of Maharashtra)

Minister of Revenue, Agriculture, Excise and Minority Affairs

Eknathrao Ganpatrao Khadse (born 2 September 1952) is a leader of Bharatiya Janata Party and prominent leader of BJP in Maharashtra. He was elected as Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in November 2010.He represents Muktainagar (Assembly constituency) in Jalgaon district of North Maharashtra. He was Finance minister and later he added irrigation ministry portfolio in Shiv Sena - BJP government. He was elected six times from his constituency. He had taken various issues of Maharashtra and specifically some of the burning topic of Maharashtra to the assembly. He is prominent figure for farmer’s issues.

He stands out in assembly session by his speech.

“There is no doubt that eloquence is of great importance in public life. In parliaments, it may be said to supersede many qualities. Knowledge and mastery as well as marshalling of facts are surely necessary for the parliamentarian, but without eloquence, these will not carry him far as was the case with Edmund Burke. After all, the object of debates is to convince and persuade the members.” Throughout history there have been examples of good and effective speakers such as Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King Junior, and many others like them, who were able to convince thousands of people and win their support through their effective speeches. Being a good speaker can be very beneficial to your career and can help you convince people and make them think your way. One such person in present history is Mr. Eknath Khadse. Eknathrao Khadse is naturally talented orator and his convincing power coupled with determination and focus on delivery is matched by very few leaders across the globe. The ease with which he puts across the content to his audience and makes them see his vision through his own eyes is exemplary. Even his rivals applaud his oratory talents, such is his gift of narration. Eknathrao Khadse once famously spoke for over eight minutes in a rally without ever needing to take a break or to consult on the issue. This is not just talent but passion for the issue for his people. Eknathrao Khadse doesn’t even shy from taking up strong issues to address them. If he feels those issues needs addressing he addresses them and he only needs his convincing skills to make people and the Government believe. This is the Power of Speech, and surely Eknath Rao Khadse today’s Visionary!