Inspired Youth‬

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.I have always believed that good habits formed at a younger age make all the difference. I distinctively remember my youth -- passionate and eager. I had this burning desire to make a difference. I was always keen on solving problems or issues of people around me. I come from a small village and we weren’t exposed to the outer world. However, I wanted to change the perception. I always followed my instinct and listened to my heart. This helped me understand how the system works. I realised if I had to change something, then I will have to be a part of it. You have to get your hands dirty to clean a pond. Similarly, I had to get into the system to solve issues.

The reason I am talking about my younger days is because I want to inspire our youth to join politics. We are a nation with the largest youth population. They are conscious, smart and tech-savvy. They are well-read and aware. This is why we need them. We need their enthusiasm, eagerness and freshness. We have reached a stage where our younger generation is aware, however they are unsure. They have the energy however they don’t know how to channel it.

Politics like any other sector needs to be looked at as a career option. Our new generation is fortunate to have the Internet. It has opened a completely new world to them. They should use this medium to educate themselves. They should use their knowledge for the betterment of the country. This can be done if they join politics. It is a misconception that being educated and literate is all that you need to be successful. According to me, one has to be rich in his/her values and morals. One needs to be sane and grounded.

Today, I see so much potential in our youth. They are intelligent and possess great decision-making abilities. However, they are stubborn. This is where we need to be careful. One needs to remember; situations and circumstances make or break us.

So, I am urging our youth to come in large numbers to be a party of this big political family. Together we can and we will make a difference.

Inspired Youth