Increase in State Revenue

Increase in State Revenue

Eknath Khadse intends to modernise land revenue administration of the State with acute transparency, citizen-friendly administration and dynamic vision. His policies are evolved and fit in today’s age. That being said, he has maintained a simplified procedure in the delivery of services. The revenue department is keen to identify and implement ways and means to enhance resources through proper land management and registration of documents. Similarly, equal importance is given to create a committed and responsive staff through capacity building and better personnel management.

To increase the state revenue, the government initiates various schemes:

For smooth business

The Maharashtra Government is attracting investment by changing several norms to ensure 'ease of doing business' in the State. The State has definitely been on priority from man investors. However, they have held back considering bureaucratic delays and corruption. This in turn has affected the growth and economy of the State. To end this scenario, the department is changing the entire regimen to ensure a smooth business deal. The state government is undertaking land and labour reforms on priority. To attract investers, we are ensuring that the industry gets land, water and energy to start operations. Maharashtra contributes to 17 per cent of  India’s industrial output.

The provision allows businessmen to use any land for non-agricultural purpose within 60 days from notice under section 44 A of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. Businessmen will be provided with financial after they receive the authority to use land for non-agricultural purpose.

Khadse always gives priority to community development. Families from the Wadar community break stones manually as a tradition. A discount on possession of stones up to 200 Brass was announced. Equal focus is given on the revenue generation by additional sources. Increase in the State Revenue and encourage online sale of tickets, the decision of reduction the entertainment tax for the tickets sold by Intermediary Companies were taken. The service charge and internet handling fee will be included in the ticket price and entertainment tax will be charged on it. Approval to accept service charge of Rs. 10 maximum without entertainment tax per ticket sold by online sellers for Cinema halls, Amusement Parks, International Cricket Matches (IPL) etc.

Department of Registration and Stamps

He has implemented a computerised system for registration of documents. Maharashtra is the first state country to launch such a computerised system. It helps collect stamp duty from the share market and provides wider work area, registration of document in any secondary Registrar Office. No stamp duty will be charged while transferring  residential or agricultural land to the husband, wife,  son, daughter, widowed daughter-in-law and grandchildren. If the Power of Attorney is made for transfer of property without any charge then a little amount of stamp duty will be charged.  

The e-governance will not only boost the revenue but also reduce the expenditure cost. There is a recorded registration of 9,000 documents every day and of 24 lakh every year. The Department with a direct contact of around  two crore people every year. Maharashtra is the second most Revenue producing department in the State with the least Aadministrative expenditure compared to income.



  • A helpline 8888007777 is introduced for  people to clear doubts about stamp duty.

  • The Charter of Citizens is available from the Department of Registrar in Marathi.

  • To make the rates easy to understand, the rates will be indicated in percentage.

  • Real time modernised information about documents registered on the website and Revenue is available now.