अल्पसंख्यांक विकास

सोमवार, डिसेंबर 21, 2015
अल्पसंख्यांक विकास

Minority Development

Shri Eknathrao Khadse (MLA of Maharashtra)

Minister of Revenue, Agriculture, Excise and Minority Affairs

A share capital of Rs. 32.50 Cr. was provided to the Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation for 2014-2015. (the serial number for Government Decision of 31/3/2015). Creation of website for filling information Minority Institutions online.(Government Decision of 27/5/2013). Working of 14 hostels for girls from minorities from June, 2015in the progress (Hostels active in Chandrapur, Kolhapur, Panvel, Ghansavangi and 9 other places. (Government Decision of 15/5/20214). Decision to start Technical Institute for boys and girls of Minorities at Bhusaval. Survey of religious/charitable property in the state according to the provisions of the Vakf (वक्फ) Act of 1995. Appointment of Commissioners under way. Decision to teach Urdu an optional subject in non- Marathi Medium Schools. Decision to teach Marathi in Urdu Medium Schools. Approval to build Urdu Home at Jalgaon, Bhivandi and Malegaon. Sri Eknath Khadse has always emphasised on having Marathi Language as a compulsory subject in all the Non Marathi schools. Sri Eknath Khadse who also holds a portfolio for Minority Affairs encourages Urdu Schools to make Marathi language as a mandatory language. Further adding to his observations, he highlighted that official findings shows, students from Urdu-medium schools fail to crack UPSC and MPSC examinations due to lack of knowledge of Marathi.

It is not only that Sri Eknath Khadse underlines the importance of Marathi Language but also inevitably wants the Minority to be imparted with all the basic knowledge of the subjects which would help them outshine in the competitive world. Referring to this scenario, he observed, mathematics and science should be taught by madrassas in Maharashtra receiving government aid. He was also quoted as saying "Besides imparting religious education, madrassas should teach mathematics and science. It would ensure that Muslims are brought into the mainstream. Let them become IAS officers and top cops". This demonstrates his urge to ensure that every class in the community is treated equally and rendered equal amount of knowledge which will enhance their ability to be at par with the World.