गुटखा बंदी

रवीवार, डिसेंबर 27, 2015
गुटखा बंदी

Gutkha Ban

Shri Eknathrao Khadse (MLA of Maharashtra)

Minister of Revenue, Agriculture, Excise and Minority Affairs

Mumbai, 20 July, 2015: The Maharashtra government has brought a ban from today on the production, storage, distribution and sale of Gutkha, Pan Masala, Scented Tobacco/supari (betel nut) and chewable Tobacco with other ingredients for one year. Minister of Revenue, Eknathrao Khadse made a statement about this in the Legislative Council today under Rule 46. It is said in the statement that from the national and international level research it is clear now that due to the use of Gutkha, Pan Masala and other such substances, the people suffer from fibrosis of mouth, cancer, acute hyper magnesia, heart trouble, reproductive diseases and other diseases of intestine and lungs. The people and especially the young generation can suffer from the ill-effects of these substances.

Food Security Commissioners of 26 states and 5 Union Territories have issued orders for the implementation under the Food Security and Standard Act, 2006 to prevent the ill-effects of Gutkha and tobacco. According to the survey of 16 December 2014, of the World Health Organization (WHO), the availability and use of these substances is reduced and as a result, the general health of the Indian youth has improved.